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Monday, September 1, 2008


The Environment is God's blessing to Mankind and it comprises of the Atmosphere, land and Seas, with all the Living things that are there-in. Back in the Days when Everything was good-luscious Land, green vegetation, good atmosphere and wonderful seas and oceans. How about the beautiful forestation scattered all over the world? the various kind of plants and animals that live on the land and in the seas and oceans, the north pole and its wonderful accumulation of ice-called glaciers, with all the animals that habit it? in fact, one will say then, ''WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD?''
This time around, that statement can't be said, because, the Environment has become man's waste disposer both in the air, land and sea, it has become the bane of man;s technological and scientific advancement and it has been degraded and has changed from blessing to cursing to mankind.
The major factors that have affected the change of the Environment drastically, is man and his activities. These activities span from the Quest to have, to explore, to know, to experiment and every other Quest that has driven man to ruining the Environment with his activities. These activities include, but not limited to deforestation, Waste pollutions, Scientific & Technological Experiments/test and Wars.
These factors....................

To be continue